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I am not sure if there is that many of you that will actually read this but here goes...

I think I had a pretty good thing going with my Incomparable Power series and I was happy at my progress as a digital artist... unfortunately(for my artistic career), I now go to the Naval Academy and have absolutely no time for digital art. *sadface*

Anyway, good news is I am doing pretty well here... Trying to double major in CS and IT with a minor in Russian. With all the people getting kicked out recently, I just hoping I graduate haha

Hopefully I might be able to make something over xmas break, but more likely than not I'll just be catching up on the partying I've missed out on haha

UkoDragon Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I had actually read this. You know, I love your art. And I also have a lot of brainfucking here.
All I want to say, that you have to do what your heart says to. It's really awesome if you can learn the things you want at the academy, cos there is only a tiny bit of knowledge from my university... I've learned all java on my own, in university it's all about C#. They have no idea what's spark, solaris, zfs, REST, distributed version control, unit tests, ruby, cloud computing ext. They suck so much... But well, I stay there because there are one or two really good specialists that are now even teaching me, but I can anyway get a lot of interesting and useful information and help from them. Oh, and I don't know what to do anyway, so staying in the university sounds like a good idea.

And you know, you can always continue with art when you'll finish the academy. I'll be happy to see new creations. As well as you (in person ;))
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GigaBeast Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Haha thanks man! I appreciate it... me and a bunch of my friends are going to be coming to Ukraine this summer so I will see you then!
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